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Geraldo Rivera Tells 'The View' Why He Will 'Never Forgive' Tucker Carlson


Former Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera told the hosts of "The View" what he thinks about former colleague Tucker Carlson and how he will never forgive him for shedding light on what happened during the Capitol riot on January 6. 


One of "The View" hosts asked Rivera what if Carlson's "plummeting" viewership on his Twitter show means he is losing influence. Carlson's most recent video posted to Twitter, where he interviewed Andrew Tate, has been seen almost 70 million times so far.     

Rivera said he hopes it means Carlson's influence is waning.     

"I think that [Carlson] is an excellent writer. I think that he was very charismatic in his presentation. He was number one for a reason...Then he drifted into this murky area, swampy area where these conspiracy theories, it's not just January 6, a whole bunch of different, kinda of mucky conspiracies," Rivera continued.

"I don’t like to be unkind, but that what he did just, as I would never vote for Donald Trump, I will never forgive Tucker for what he did about January 6," Rivera concluded.

Carlson did not make any friends within Fox News after releasing additional footage from inside the Capitol building showing how some narratives around key individuals were not true. Jacob Chansley, the "Q Anon shaman," was shown to be escorted around by Capitol Police instead of being arrested on the spot. He was not violent while inside the complex.


As for Carlson's influence? He is making his mark without having a full fledge operation since he is still under contract at Fox News. On Friday, he will be interviewing GOP presidential candidates in Iowa, which can be sure he will pull no punches.

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