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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) downplayed President Joe Biden's age after he officially launched his 2024 campaign, telling "Morning Joe" that Biden has the energy for a second term.


"What are the hills he has to climb to put himself in the optimal position to be able to win again next November?" MSNBC's John Heilemann asked.

“I think there are two things, and I think you touched on it this morning. First of all, I think the President is going to have to deal with the whole issue of age. He is 80 years old. I might add I’m 82. I do believe that he is up to the task, and that is something that we just cannot pretend is not on people’s minds," Clyburn said.

"So, I think he has to show the energy that he has been showing over the past several months and he has to continue to pursue an agenda that will, as he says, build this economy from the bottom up and from the middle out so that people can feel a part of this," he continued.

Biden's age has been a sticking point since he entered office, with constant examples of his advanced age getting the better of him in the demanding job. The physical difference from how he looked four years ago did not go unnoticed on CNN.


"Yeah, it just really shows you how the presidency ages you a lot," Abby Phillip remarked after showing a side-by-side.

"I was thinking that. Remember when we saw the side-by-sides of Obama after his first term?" Poppy Harlow remarked.

As for having the energy, that was always in question given the White House having called lids, meaning no more public events, at very early times compared to past presidents.

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