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LA County Sheriff Gives Head-Scratching Description for Gun Found After Mass Shooting

Fox 11

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna provided more information about the firearm found after the mass shooting in the Los Angeles area over the weekend that left ten people dead, but the way he described it is making eyes roll.


The suspect, now dead, was identified as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran. Luna said law enforcement recovered a "magazine fed semi automatic assault pistol" during their investigation into the massacre. Tran killed himself as police closed in on him.

In other words, police found a pistol. A regular handgun, since the vast majority of handguns are semi-automatic that use magazines. Why the scary adjectives were added is not known, but they sound like they were ripped from a gun control group's talking points.

It appears the only reason for the colorful language was due to the pistol having an extended magazine, which in California would be more than ten rounds. So it could be a magazine that's standard in non-gun control crazy parts of the country. 


As Matt has already reported, the story won't be getting much attention anymore since the suspect was an older Asian man, who shot up a spot popular with the local Asian population, and he was not a white man wearing a MAGA hat. It should be no surprise that leftists immediately pounced on the tragedy, blaming Republicans, before the suspect was named.

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