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Mexican Border Town Once Again Sounds Like a War Zone

Miguel Tovar

The Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo experienced another early morning shoot out following unconfirmed reports of an arrest of a high level leader of the Northeast Cartel, an offshoot of the notorious Los Zetas, by Mexican authorities.


Videos posted to social media once shows Nuevo Laredo, which sits directly across from Laredo, Texas, experiencing heavy gunfire and explosions. Mexican media reports the gun battles started when members of the Northeast Cartel attacked members of the military on a highway, resulting in one soldier and seven cartel gunmen being killed. More shooting took place throughout the day.

Following December's gun battles, at least 200 of Mexican Army special forces were deployed to Nuevo Laredo.


The border town had another early dawn gun battle towards the end of November after a leader of the Northeast Cartel was arrested and sent to Mexico City. Nuevo Laredo is a key city for cartels to control as the high volume of commercial traffic is important to smuggling in narcotics into the United States. While human trafficking and smuggling does occur in the Laredo Sector, the cartels are mainly focused on drug smuggling in that region of America's southern border.

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