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Masked Vandals Attack Minority-Owned Portland Coffee Shop Because of Pro-Police Event

Portland Police Bureau

Portland's "only Native-owned" coffee shop was attacked by masked assailants in the early morning hours because the owner of the business decided to host a "Coffee with a Cop" event for Wednesday.


Windows were smashed and a fire extinguisher was discharged all over the interior of the store, according to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB).

"The suspects were no longer at the scene and officers did not immediately make arrests. An investigation began. Early information suggests that the business was targeted after it advertised that it would be hosting 'Coffee with a Cop,'" PPB said.


"Some of the responding officers assisted with the cleanup efforts. The business owner stated that she wanted to proceed with the Coffee with a Cop event, and it went forward as planned this morning...PPB is grateful to the business owner for hosting and giving officers and the community an opportunity to interact and discuss public safety issues."

In a GoFundMe to pay for the repair and cleanup from the attack, owner Loretta Guzman said the vandals  also "sprayed paint all over the furniture, walls, [and] original Native art work." Guzman is asking for $100,000 to help cover costs for the repairs.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) condemned the attack and said if the suspects are arrested, "I will advocate for the prosecution to the fullest extent of the law—including potential federal hate crimes."

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