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Sen. Mark Kelly Short Circuits When Asked About Joe Biden's Job Performance

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) had a hard time answering when asked what he thought of President Joe Biden's performance and whether or not he would accompany him should he visit Arizona.


Kelly is in a highly watched race against Republican opponent Blake Masters. The latest polling shows the race is very tight, with Kelly ahead 47 percent to Masters 45 percent, but Masters is within the margin of error. With people in Arizona feeling the effects of the border crisis on top of inflation, it's not hard to figure out why Kelly gave a non-answer to KTVK.

"If anybody comes to Arizona, I'm looking to show them what do we need from the federal government, how do we solve these problems," Kelly said.

"If [Biden] came out here, held an event, you'd attend that event?" reporter Dennis Welch asked.

"Oh I would certainly consider it...I would look at it. I could be in Washington voting on important legislation, I mean, that's very possible," Kelly replied.

When Welch presented a scenario of Kelly being in Arizona during a potential Biden visit, Kelly remained non-committed.

"Has he done a good job, do you think?" Welch then asked.


After having a hard time finding the words, Kelly said it's not his job to provide a report card, then pivoting to some of the work he has done to get weapon systems to Ukraine to fight the Russians. When asked if he thinks Biden should run for president again in 2024, Kelly once again said it's not his job to say whether he thinks Biden should do it or not.

"Anytime Mark Kelly gets a question that makes him uncomfortable, he begins his evasive non-answer with, 'Hey, it’s not my job to…' Apparently he thinks his job is to vote in lockstep for Joe Biden’s failed agenda, then lie about it come election time," Masters said in response to Kelly's interview.

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