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Yet Another 'Fact Check' on Sen. Hawley's Statements About Supreme Court Nominee Proves His Point

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

An attempted "fact check" by ABC News regarding Sen. Josh Hawley's (R-MO) statements about Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's record of lenient sentences for child porn offenders ended up proving the Senator's statements to be accurate.


ABC's piece, published early Monday, argues that while Jackson did impose lighter sentences on child porn offenders than what federal guidelines recommend, Hawley's statements lack "critical context":

"While court records show that Jackson did impose lighter sentences than federal guidelines suggested, Hawley's insinuation neglects critical context, including the fact that the senator himself has voted to confirm at least three federal judges who also engaged in the same practice.

Federal Appeals Court Judges Joseph Bianco of the Second Circuit and Andrew Brasher of the Eleventh Circuit, both Trump appointees, had each previously sentenced defendants convicted of possessing child pornography to prison terms well below federal guidelines at the time they were confirmed with Hawley's support, an ABC review of court records found."

ABC News' "fact check" is the latest in a series of other "fact checks" that have affirmed Hawley's statements about Judge Jackson.

A3P research pointed to previous statements Jackson made about mandatory minimums for sex offenders:


"Specifically, when she worked on the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Jackson declared that mandatory minimums for sex offenders targeting children as 'excessively severe and might be applied inconsistently.' Additionally, she believed reforms for these minimums will 'bring these guidelines into the 21st century,' in spite of several reforms to the law already enacted during the 21st century."

“It just keeps getting worse. It’s now clear why the Biden administration does not want this side of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s history to get out. Jackson’s record shielding child predators from the punishment and justice they deserve should trouble every sane person. Judge Jackson went to bat for those who prey on the most vulnerable members of society. Judge Jackson must explain herself at her upcoming hearing. If she fails to adequately justify her disturbing record, every senator who votes for her must be held accountable,” said Mike Davis, founder and president of the Article III Project, in a press release.

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