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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

New polling from Quinnipiac released on Wednesday showed how President Joe Biden's approval numbers continue to fall faster than when he ran up the steps to Air Force One.


Overall, only 33 percent of Americans approve of the job Biden has done while being in office for under a year. 53 percent of Americans disapprove. But broken down into racial demographics, Latinos are among the group who dislike Biden the most.

Only 28 percent of Hispanics approve of the job Biden is doing as president. 61 percent of Hispanics disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy with 59 percent of Hispanics saying they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, 55 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden's approach to COVID-19 as it is clear he failed to follow through on his promise to "shut down the virus" during the 2020 election.

"Joe Biden has done nothing but hurt the Hispanic community and his approval rating reflects that. Hispanic voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden’s agenda of rising prices, skyrocketing crime, and an unsecure border. Joe Biden is losing the Hispanic vote because he just doesn’t care," said Republican National Committee Deputy Press Secretary Nicole Morales.


The Latino community's response to Quinnipiac's recent poll is consistent with other polling. A national PBS/Marist poll found Latino approval for Biden sat at 33 percent. His disapproval among Latinos was 65 percent. Overall, the poll found Biden's approval rating among registered voters to be at 42 percent with disapproval at 55 percent.

A Dallas Morning News/University of Texas-Tyler poll from September found Latinos in the state only had a 35 percent approval for Biden's job performance, with over 50 percent saying they disapprove.

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