WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Rabidly Bark at Trump Supporters

Posted: Oct 05, 2020 11:35 AM

California is known for its unhinged anti-Trump protesters and a new video shows it has been taken to another level.

Video taken in the city of Claremont by Tomas Morales shows a small group of anti-Trump protesters harassing a group of Trump supporters, who are standing on the sidewalk and waving flags. 

Instead of the usual shouting of profanity, a few decided to bark at the Trump supporters. 

"Do you guys know how stupid you are? You are so stupid," one Trump supporter asked the women as they continued to bark.

Video posted earlier shows the group of protesters were the ones being confrontational as they walked across the street to where the Trump supporters were. The Republicans chanted "USA!" as the protesters made their way to their side of the street.

The anti-Trump people who were driving in the street often just shouted and gave the middle finger to the Trump supporters.

The only consolation is at least the anti-Trump protesters were wearing masks as they violated social distancing guidelines to bark in the face of random people.