Black Lives Matter Mob Surrounds and Threaten Local Seattle News Crew

Posted: Aug 20, 2020 5:10 PM

A Black Lives Matter mob surrounded and threatened a local news crew in Seattle while they were at the King County Jail and Courtroom.

In a video posted by Jon Jussero, a photojournalist for KIRO 7, the BLM crowd can be seen shouting and surrounding the group of journalists while they were in their news vehicle. The crowd put items on the windows of the vehicle to prevent the camera from recording their actions.

"Please stop threatening me, sir," Jussero said.

"One man threaten to break my vehicle windows & come to my home. We are just trying to do our jobs," Jussero tweeted with the video.

A different reporter who is with KOMO, an AM radio station, was also harassed by agitators.

Some Twitter users tried to justify the mob's action because they said the journalist had driven up on the sidewalk, to park his van, in an area where people were protesting.