Chris Cuomo Continues to Lecture Americans On Lockdowns After Breaking Quarantine While COVID Positive

Posted: May 05, 2020 3:45 PM

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo continued to lecture Americans about the dangers of reopening the economy during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic in his opening monologue on Monday.

Cuomo was using modeling from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that had estimated 3,000 Americans would be dying everyday from COVID-19 starting in early June. The problem is it is not meant to be used as a forecast.

The White House had already debunked the narrative, with Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere tweeting how CNN was "spreading misinformation" that is "only meant to cause panic."

"Let's be honest, there is consensus, reopening is going to cost us cases, it’s going to cost us death. The real question for you is, are you okay with it? Are you okay with paying the cost? This isn’t about facts, it’s about how you feel about what you know to be the facts," Cuomo said.

"Science isn’t going to decide these moves, Politics will. Here’s the proposition. Will we choose to stay together and stay at home until the virus has beaten back to safer levels, or is this new reopening our merging reality? Will it really become everyone for themselves? What do you say?" he asked.

Cuomo's monologue is laughable considering he violated self-quarantine while he was still sick with the virus by traveling to his second home in New York and got into an argument with a stranger over the issue. According to his wife's blog about his bout with the coronavirus, while he did not have a fever in the morning on the day he traveled, he did have a 100-degree fever in the evening.

CNN then ran a segment on April 21 about Cuomo leaving the basement, giving the impression it was for the first time.

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