Katie Hill Says the Ethics Investigation Into Misconduct Allegations Was 'Incredibly Invasive' to Her Staff

Posted: Feb 21, 2020 3:05 PM

Former Congressman Katie Hill (D-CA) continued to make excuses during her interview on "The View" Friday for her resignation after RedState reported that she had been romantically involved with a campaign staffer and was in a "throuple" relationship with a House staffer.

Co-host Ana Navarro asked Hill why she felt the need to resign if she denies being in a relationship with a House staffer, which violates Congressional rules.

"The ethics investigation — it's funny, there's such slow processes, but it's incredibly invasive to my staff and to my entire office," Hill said, before adding she did not resign because of the investigation.

"It's also something that I'm glad I was able to take the pressure off of my staff by resigning so that they didn't have to worry about that. But why did I decide to step down? I realize the impact that I was having on my colleagues. I did not want to be a distraction during the time that we were coming up on the impeachment inquiry vote. I didn't want to be used as a tool against my fellow freshmen who were coming from these swing districts," Hill explained.

Hill accuses her husband of being abusive and releasing the sensitive pictures and text messages to hurt her, a charge he vehemently denies. Hill went on to blame people being prejudice against bisexuals for making the scandal bigger than if she was a straight woman.

"I think also that there's still a lot that people don't understand about bisexuality, and it's a pretty new thing for people to be even be grappling with," she said.

Hill is launching a PAC to help more women get elected to Congress.