Big Democrat Donor Shreds Bernie Sanders as an 'Anarchist' Who 'Would Love to Burn Down' the US

Posted: Feb 19, 2020 2:50 PM

Nevada businessman and big Democratic Party donor Stephen Cloobeck told MSNBC on Wednesday he will vote and support anybody in the current Democratic presidential field, except for Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT).

Cloobeck, the founder of Diamond Resorts International, criticized both Sanders and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez for how accepting they are of socialist policies. He has even threatened top Democratic leaders of cutting them off from his money if they continue to bash the wealthy.

He made his comments just before the primary debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday and the state's caucus on Saturday.

"No one but Bernie, Stephanie. Come on; he's an anarchist. He would love to burn down the United States. [Jermey] Corbyn didn't work in England, Bernie ain't going to work in the United States," Cloobeck told MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle, referring to U.K. Labour Party Leader Corbyn's massive defeat in the recent election.

"Well, I think Tom Perez needs to step down. He's a joke. He's a clown. He can't run the Democratic Party anymore. It's lost its way," Cloobeck continued. "And, you know, fortunately, we need somebody in the Democratic Party that's made a payroll. Bernie hasn't made a payroll. Elizabeth [Warren] hasn't made a payroll. And you got really only two candidates that have made a payroll: the mayor and the mayor. Choose one."

Perez has been getting calls for his resignation in the aftermath of the disastrous handling of the Iowa Caucus, where the new app the Iowa Democratic Party used to report election results failed to work. Further investigations have uncovered problems with the app that could leave it vulnerable to hacking and the changing of the results.