The Actual Racist Protest the Mainstream Media Ignored on MLK Jr. Day

Posted: Jan 21, 2020 4:15 PM

While the national news media condemned the inclusive and peaceful Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, another protest on Tuesday was not so peaceful and was quite hateful towards African-American supporters of President Trump.

The Emerald City Antifa chapter called for their members to counter-protest a "MAGA March Against Racism and Bigotry" rally that was being put on by a Proud Boy-affiliated group.

"The Proud Boys are attempting to co-op a day dedicated to MLK. MLK fought racism leading many marches, giving many speeches and inspiring many movements," Emerald City Antifa said on Facebook. "The term MAGA is used to uplift a president who believes in the very racism, bigotry, and state-sanctioned violence against people of color and other marginalized groups, which is exactly what MLK was against."

"The MAGA crew holding this event have been seen numerous times around the area holding signs with KKK slogans, trying to dismiss the conversation about race and privilege, and making videos talking about 'white genocide', a Nazi concept that we are sadly seeing more and more in public discussions and spaces again," they added.

Video taken at the rally showed members of Antifa giving the middle finger and hurling verbal insults at the Trump-supporting minorities. The Antifa group also hurled insults at the police who were at the event and kept the two sides separate.

In addition to trying to drown out a Pakistan immigrant, one Antifa member shouted, "F**k you, Uncle Tom!" at an African-American man.