Watch: Women's March Protesters Harass Trump Hotel Guests and Visitors

Posted: Nov 07, 2019 10:10 PM

A protest organized by the Women's March resulted in its participants harassing patrons of the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. Thursday evening.

Despite some light rain, the protest began at the White House as a group of about 40 protesters marched towards Trump Hotel in an attempt to disrupt the president's visit to the establishment. While the protestors did not get close to Trump's motorcade, they hurled insults and followed people who were attempting to enter the hotel.

The Secret Service, D.C. city police, and hotel security had to escort and form a defensive line so people could safely enter. Despite the police presence, it did not stop protesters from following people and harassing them.

The anti-Trump protesters shouted profanity, gave people the middle finger, and often chanted, "Shame!" Some tried blocking the hotel guests and visitors path with their bodies. Among those that were targeted by the mostly caucasian group included an elderly man with a walker, women, and African-Americans. While many of the hotel's patrons did not interact with the group, some did shout profanity back at them.

Police sometimes had to physically move the protesters as they refused to get out of the way to allow other people to pass. It also appeared that some people were targeted by the Women's March protesters even though they were just walking by the hotel.

In addition to getting in people's faces, protesters consistently blew whistles, beat pots and drums, and blew horns. After about an hour of being outside, the group marched off into the street and away from the premises.