5 Ways ObamaCare Is Fundamentally Unfair

Posted: Oct 14, 2013 6:00 PM

On Oct. 1, one of the major components of ObamaCare went into effect. On that day, individuals could sign up for what The New York Times called “health insurance marketplaces in the states, known as exchanges, where uninsured Americans can shop for policies.” However, these exchanges, and other ObamaCare alterations we’ve seen, only show how the government plays favorites. Here are a few reasons the health care law is fundamentally unfair, excerpted from John Hanlon's monthly "A-List" feature in Townhall Magazine.


1. Perfect opportunity for scammers

Because of the confusion surrounding the exchange implementation, scammers will have a prime opportunity to take advantage of people’s lack of information over the new policies. According to Fox News, “17 states have opted out of the federal program [and] they will have to offer up their own. That means … 17 unique URLs will be exposed to the threat of security breaches and a world wide web of rip-off artists trying to game the system.” A telemarketing scam, where someone professes to be a Medicare representative and asks for personal information to extend Medicare eligibility, is another way people may be ripped off, Fox reported.

2. Congress exempted itself from the law

According to Politico.com, “Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) inserted a provision [into Obamacare] which said members of Congress and their aides must be covered by plans ‘created’ by the law or ‘offered through an exchange.’” That aspect of the law was inconvenient for many on Capitol Hill, so President Obama stepped in, and the Office of Personnel Management agreed that the government would continue to help subsidize health care benefits for Congress and its aides, possibly saving them thousands a year.

3. The administration can change the law whenever it wants

Democrats have implied Republicans are wasting time trying to undermine or change ObamaCare. President Obama, however, ended up doing those last two things for them. According to NBC News, “[T]he administration announced it was delaying for a year the requirement that employers pay penalties if they do not offer health insurance to their workers or if they offer a plan which doesn’t meet the ACA’s standards.”

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