A Consensus about the health care summit

Posted: Feb 25, 2010 8:00 AM

The health care summit is set to begin in a couple of hours with much anticipation. However, according to the AP, members of both parties recognize the political theater that will likely be at the forefront of the meeting.

The AP reported the following:

Here's one point on which Democrats and Republicans agree on health care: President Barack Obama's much-touted televised summit has virtually no chance of breaking the political logjam. That means Democrats will be forced to find a way to pass an overhaul on their own or face a huge political defeat.

Lawmakers from both parties suggested the Obama-hosted meeting Thursday will amount to little more than political theater.

Even so, it is going to be interesting to watch Obama advocate for the type of massive health care reform that the public has opposed. To learn more about the plan that President Obama will likely be advocating at the summit, make sure to click here for a detailed Heritage Foundation article about the president's health care plan.
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