Reid Watch: Health care is important...but so are fundraisers

Posted: Dec 11, 2009 6:00 AM
Major liberal health care reform is and should be a major priority for this Congress, according to many liberals on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, that priority seems to take a back seat when political fundraisers are on the schedule.

A recent ABC News article noted that Reid is trying to delay part of the health care debate this weekend. Unsurprisingly, Senator Reid has a fundraiser to attend this very weekend. The ABC article noted that "It turns out Reid has a 1,000 plus per plate fundraiser scheduled for Saturday in New Orleans, according to one local paper..." This is the same Harry Reid who has been pushing strongly for a reform bill to be debated and passed quickly in the United States Senate. Now, Mr. Reid wants to take a break from such a debate.

It is quite revealing about Reid's priorities when he wants to push through health care reform quickly while wanting to delay part of that very debate, a delay that would make attendence at a political fundraiser that much easier.