Democrats Tell Republicans to Sit Down and Shut up

Posted: Jun 17, 2009 12:52 PM
When spending season rolls around on Capitol Hill, Americans cringe, and for good reason. But this season something is different. Yesterday evening when Congress began debate on its spending bills, it was brought to a screeching halt at the first sign of a Republican amendment, 30 minutes in.

It has been a long standing tradition that the spending bills that Congress considers are done using what is called an ‘open rule’ which allows for an unlimited amount of amendments to the bill, but the cabal led by Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, and Senator Reid has squelched the voice of opposition once again. Instead, they have decided to limit the number of Republican amendments, breaking with the open-rule precedent for the first time in as long as anyone can recall.

We’ve seen it in the automotive industry in the abrogation of dealer contracts and moving Americans out of cars, and now we are seeing it in how Congress spends the money of the American people. This is just further indication that if Obama, Pelosi, and Reid can’t coerce you into doing what they want, then they will force it upon you. They are trying to control much of our lives and now they want to silence opposing views.

With this move, Democrats will now be able to spend even more taxpayer money without interference. House Republicans are meeting today on how to fight this, to be sure though, there is a resistance brewing.