The Worst Kind of Golf Course Squabbling

Posted: Dec 05, 2010 9:42 AM
One Dr. Anoop Kapoor hit one Dr. Azad Anand in the head with a golf ball after an errant swing at the Dix Hills Park Golf Course in New York. Anand is now blind in one eye, and sued Kapoor for being negligent. Why? Because Kapoor failed to yell "fore!" after the shot flew towards him.

A lower court found that Anand was "not in the foreseeable danger zone," and Kapoor was not required to yell "fore," the traditional warning for an errant ball. Got that? If Kapoor had been in the foreseeable danger zone, and hadn't yelled "fore," he could be held responsible.

A higher level court did not agree, and the case has now been heard by the New York Supreme Court. I guess they won't be playing golf together anymore...