Townhall Readers Chime in on Republican Infighting

Posted: Dec 03, 2010 9:38 AM
The debate over which Republican should head the Energy and Commerce Committee has gotten even more heated, and Townhall readers are as bothered as ever about the potential picks. Here's a sampling of some comments.

Moonbat Exterminator gets straight to the point, commenting on the article about the E&C Committee chairmanship that ran yesterday:
This article highlights what's wrong with the business as usual inside the Beltway follies.
Dnha14, Barbara, and tc5bwe were just a few of the readers to ask why Reps. Barton and Upton were the only two choices in this debate. Their comments, respectively:
There's no third choice? Both sound horrible.

My thoughts exactly! Why are only these two fools being considered for the post?

I agree with others...why the choice between only two unprincipled men? Can't they find a reasonable honest man to lead this committee? We really show who we are when we elect elitists to Washington to represent us.
Many commenters pointed to Rep. John Shimkus as an alternative to Barton and Upton. Unfortunately, Shimkus lacks seniority. Then there was commenter William, who somehow believes that I'm a stablemate with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Thanks for starting off my weekend right, Sir:
Mr Barton does bring his own garbage with him. And should not, for a lack of competence, be appointed Chair. But there is no greater impetus to the appointment of Mr Upton than to consider who speaks against him. A pair of addictive personalities who are not more than a pair of entertainers albeit members of the upper classes by virtue of their net worth. Interestingly, Jillian "reports" in contrast to her stablemates who "opine."