Pelosi Will Be Voted In This Morning

Posted: Nov 17, 2010 9:17 AM
The Democrats held a marathon caucus meeting yesterday, where Roll Call reported that she she told her rank and file that she "came to them Tuesday with 'a heavy heart,'" but did not address criticism of her leadership. Today, she will go up for a vote for Minority Leader and almost certainly get it, after she rebuffs a challenge from Blue Dog Democrat Heath Shuler (D-NC):
Several Democrats acknowledged that some of the remarks from defeated lawmakers Tuesday were directly critical of Pelosi’s leadership. And some acknowledged that they made the case for injecting new blood into the leadership ranks. Pelosi and her allies — she has a strong majority supporting her — have argued that the economy and joblessness rate led to the Democratic losses earlier this month.
Despite this criticism, the Pelosi bus rolls on...