Murkowski's Write-In Bid Makes History

Posted: Nov 17, 2010 2:57 PM
The AP has called the Alaska Senate race for Lisa Murkowski, which all but confirms the inevitable: Murkowski has managed to hold on to her seat. Earlier this morning, it had been reported that Joe Miller was pushing for a hand-recount of every Alaska ballot, despite the fact that Murkowski enjoyed a 10,000 vote lead and that even the challenged ballots wouldn't have allowed Miller to pull ahead.

The assumed win means that she is one of the first politicians in over 50 years to successfully win a write-in campaign.  It also means she will be one of the most hated Senators of the conservative grassroots. She will remain on the scene as a strong moderate voice, buoyed by her strong anti-Palin, independent politics. Murkowski is strongly pro-choice, but also supports drilling in ANWR and is in favor of repealing the health care bill.

Miller's blunders likely cost him the race. Handcuffing reporters and flubbing a few questions did not work in his favor, and his imaged was tarnished even further by making some admittedly bizarre decisions regarding ballot-counting after the election. Miller and Murkowski have been readying themselves for a larger legal fight, even while Murkowski made plans to fly back for Alaska to seemingly celebrate her win.