Hold Your Breath...

Posted: Sep 17, 2010 8:21 AM
Sen. Lisa Murkowski is letting us all know if she's running as a write-in candidate today after her upset by Joe Miller in the Alaska GOP primary. Everyone on GOP leadership is urging her to bow out gracefully, including her own Alaskan Senatorial colleague, Mark Begich (D):
Being a write-in is very tough in Alaska...These people who say you just put her name down, Lisa -- the lieutenant governor who runs elections, who's a Republican, said no no no. Last name. You can misspell it just a little bit, but you can't butcher it, and you have to put the name, you have to fill in the dot, you have to do all kinds of things.
As the Senate GOP Conference Vice Chairwoman Murkowski should be well aware of these perils. Miller, for his part, has said he has confidence that Murkowski will do the right thing.