Selected Reader Comments

Posted: May 18, 2010 8:30 AM
In response to "Grayson: Tea Party Is Insignificant," DanNV writes:     
This mentality is almost certainly why Grayson will lose to Rand tomorrow. Politicians continue to marginalize the "Tea Party" movement in their minds. They do so at their political peril.
Also in response to "Grayson," Bojangles writes:      
Embrace the teabaggers — Please. It's serves the rest of us very well when you do. Having a Party turn complete moron as whole is something that is unbelievably good karma for the Dems. So yes, embrace your stupidity and publicly stand small and loony. It's for a very good cause.
In response to "Comment on Kagan Reveals Presidential Prejudice," Rescuedogsgirl writes:
Lazy people love living off the government while the rest of us are paying their way. If they don`t need money, why are they taking hard-working tax payer`s money? Many people take pride in their accomplishments that the free market has afforded them. Is there more to life than money? Absolutely, but many came by it because they were willing to "get up off it" and work! Why should they be punished for that?