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GOP Rhetoric Works, Thank You Very Much

I rarely believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a politician. Everything of meaning is done behind closed doors, off the record, and under the table. Given those parameters, the closing argument on the floor of the House by Rep. John Boehner made a whole lot more sense than the argument given by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Do you actually believe you'll be able to keep your health insurance if you like it? ...Look at how this bill was written. Can you say it was done openly? With transparency and accountability?

...If we're going to vote to defy the will of the American people, then we ought to have the courage to stand before them and announce our positions one, by one.
Here's Pelosi:
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This legislation will lead to healthier lives, more liberty to pursue hopes.

...This is the best action we can take on behalf of America's family budget, and on behalf of the federal budget.
Critics say that opposing this thing is politically expedient, regardless of the correct approach to policy. But if that's true, then I'll take the Republicans approach to political-expediency this time around.

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