Tea Partying As A Creature Comfort

Posted: Mar 16, 2010 1:55 PM
Health care protests are getting a little familiar, and that's a good thing. It seems that no matter how hard Republicans push back at Obamacare, it keeps coming back around to whack them. Luckily for them, they've now become professional whack-backers. They're so used to making our voices heard that it seems as normal as brushing their teeth. Get up, get dressed, go protest the government takeover of health care. It's an annoying routine, but one that doesn't faze them.

At  the drop of a hat, several hundred protesters covered the lawn of Taft Park, and then headed to district offices to try and talk to waffling Dems. The protest happened as news broke that the vote on Obamacare could be pushed back past Easter, after being scheduled for this week. It was fitting.

There were signs, and chants, and speakers, and the Revolutionary War reenactors. In short, there was all the good stuff that everyone looks forward to in the tea parties by now. The lineup of speakers included Rep. Mike Pence, who had this to say on the sunny afternoon:
We know this health care bill forces Americans to buy health care insurance whether they want it or need it or not. We know this health care bill cuts Medicare Advantage and will cause millions of Americans to lose the health care insurance that they have. We know that this health care bill is a massive government bureaucracy, paid for with job-killing tax increases during the worst recession in 25 years and despite what they’re trying to tell their pro-life colleagues, the Senate bill funds elective abortion and it must be opposed.

And let me say, men and women, that if the substance of this bill wasn’t offensive enough to freedom-loving Americans, the way they’re going about trying to pass it is even more offensive. Liberals in Washington, D.C., are so desperate to pass this government takeover of health care, they’re willing to trample the historic role and rules of the Senate to do it in the form of reconciliation and if reconciliation tramples the rules of the Senate, the Slaughter House Rules insults the intelligence of the American people and tramples on the Constitution of the United States of America and it must be rejected.
The rally was organized by American Grassroots Coalition, Tea Party Express, The Doctor-Patient Medical Association, FreedomWorks and the Heartland Institute.