President Calls For Health Reform Vote In Next Few Weeks

Posted: Mar 03, 2010 2:19 PM
Obama didn't address the issue of reconciliation in his highly-publicized mid-day address, which was a follow up to last week's bipartisan health care summit. Instead, Obama set another loose, ambiguous "in the next few weeks" deadline that left everyone still wondering what and how anything would be passed.

Obama didn't wan to "play politics," but how you deal with health care without politics seems pretty bizarre at this point. After all, the only way his proposal has a chance is if the Senate parliamentarian agrees that reconciliation can be used on a non-fiscal issue.

But the audience full of doctors clad in white coats didn't seem to care. They dutifully clapped their hands during the Presiden't speech, which communicated a lot of determination with little details. Especially poignant was his resignation to the differences on health care between the Democratic camp and the Republican camp.
Given these honest and substantial differences between the parties about the need to help middle class families get insurance, I don’t see how starting over would help.

...No matter which approach you favor, I believe the Congress owes American people a final vote on health insurance reform.
The American people are also owed some clarity on exactly how Congress is going to go about taking that vote.

Rep. Mike Pence
had a rebuttal on Fox News, shortly after the debate was over.
What we heard was the President doubling down on a government takeover of health care, essentially saying that this massive takeover of health care... would give Americans more control.
Pence also criticized the President for mentioning that a health care bill had met a 60-vote threshold -- before Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) won his special election.