Newt: GOP Can Take Back Congress In 2012, And I'm Not Running

Posted: Feb 20, 2010 2:38 PM
Newt Gingrich entered into the CPAC auditorium like a pro wrestler entering an arena, filing his way from the back doors to the stage through the crowd, shaking hands and posing for pictures.

When he reached the stage, he didn't quite rip off his shirt and beat his chest like a pro wrestler. But he did give a dang good speech, boldly making the claim that Republicans were likely to take back the majorities in the House and Senate in 2012. For that, he thanked President Obama and the Democratic Congress.
The coming massive conservative majority would not have been possible without the Pelosi Reid Obama machine, which has convinced the country that if the choice is radicalism or conservativism, lets defeat the radicals and put the country back on the right track.
The primary focusses of Newt's speech were politics and job creation, saying that President Obama has created only three jobs: Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, and Scott Brown.
Frankly, Governor Romney in his business career created more jobs than Obama's his entire cabinet...In the middle of a recession no tax increase is justified because it kills jobs, and any tax increase is a job killing measure and should be defeated
He alluded that a Presidential ambitions were not in the cards, when talking about Obama's planned "bipartisan" budget commission.
I hope the Republican leaders will say, we're glad to have a truly bipartisan summit. Because if this is bipartisan, we could invite some great governors, who would do a great job at helping.
Governors Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty are two of the main names being tossed around for the GOP nomination.