Tea Party Nation Announces New PAC

Posted: Feb 05, 2010 2:36 PM
The PAC, called the Ensuring Liberty Corporation, will fund candidates who stand for less government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, states rights, and national security. It won't represent a litmus test. "It's a way for people who have worked thus far at the rallies to be able to participate with their talents and their treasure," according to organizers.

It will be based in the "heartland of America," in Memphis. It will not be an alternative to the RNC. It will employ K Street lobbyists. Organizers are not sure whether it will accept money from lobbyists, however.

Tea Party Nation was emphatic that if individuals disagreed with the approach — turning movement activism into cold, hard campaign cash — they could feel free not to participate.

I'm curious to see the reax, given criticism about Tea Party Nation's finances. Lots of others seem to have a problem with Tea Party Nation being a for-profit organization. I'm indifferent.

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