NASA Is Blowing Up The Moon

Posted: Oct 06, 2009 3:53 PM
The idea is that over millions and billions of years, a lot of comets have hit the Moon. The water from these comets hits the surface and sublimates away… but if any settles at the bottoms of deep craters near the Moon’s poles, these permanently shadowed regions can act as a refrigerator, keeping the water from disappearing. It can stay there, locked up as ice, for a long, long time. Some estimates indicate there could be billions of tons of ice near the Moon’s south pole.
Radar has a hard time detecting that ice. But bombs don't! So NASA is lettin' the dogs out and exploding a portion of the moon in full view of the American public -- at least those with decent telescopes. Sounds like a great alternative to the Olbermann love-fest!
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