Armed Intruder At University of South Florida Tampa Campus

Posted: Oct 05, 2009 2:28 PM
Fox News is reporting that students are being told to stay inside their dorm rooms because an armed gunman was reported on USF's main Tampa campus. Students in classrooms are being told to lock their doors and not leave; the school has told everyone to stay indoors, away from bus stops and other public areas.

That notification was disseminated via a text message sent from school officials to all students over an hour ago.

No one on campus has seen the individual -- it's someone off campus who made the phone call to police. At this point, there is no other information because the entire incident has developed as the result of that single, off-campus emergency call.

At this point the school is still on lockdown. Sirens have sounded that signal individuals to "stay put." Helicopters and other media personnel are circling the school.