It's <em>working.</em>...

Posted: Aug 17, 2009 10:21 AM
As Meredith reported, if the public option really gets pulled, it represents a huge victory for the town hall protesters. This was the keystone of the Obama's plan and a crutch of liberal health care advocates.

But the decision isn't final, so let's consider what's happening if the public option isn't being pulled at this point. If it's not actually being pulled yet, it's clearly a deliberate leak from the administration -- Sebelius isn't stupid enough to have made a verbal blunder that big. That means Obama is at least figuring out whether or not pulling the public option is worth his time, and whether or not throwing that bit away means he can save the rest of his plan. Which means the right wing extremists who are spewing fishy disinformation are actually the biggest contingent the President is concerned about right now. That's only reinforced by the fact that Gibbs' new push is for "choice and competition in the insurance market," the very thing advocates of conservative health care reform want most.
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