Krauthammer: "He is toast, politically."

Posted: Jun 25, 2009 1:18 PM
Talking about Sanford on Fox News last night:
...resigning from the Republican Governors' Association chairmanship is not going to do it, and the reason is that there is a dereliction of duty here. I know there's the titillation of the reason for [his disappearance], but even apart from that, he is the governor of the state.

...the idea that he could actually have an affair in Argentina as an acting governor is sort of insane. If you go to Argentina, you have to have your passport stamped. You can't hide it.

I don't want to play psychiatrist on the show every night. However, the oddity of this and the self-destructiveness would suggest even to a layman that this is a near-intentional political suicide.


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