Obama Goes Shirtless Again

Posted: Apr 21, 2009 10:28 AM
Washington's premier socialite magazine, The Washingtonian, is putting a topless picture of our Dear Leader on its May cover -- a photo that we've already seen multiple times. Throughout last year, pictures of Obama in swim trunks during his Hawaiian vacation graced the cover of numerous magazines, and The Washingtonian is recycling one now for the purposes of illustrating "Reasons we love Washington."

The Washington Times reports that Garret Graff, editor at large of The Washingtonian, decided to make the bold move to boost sales. The mag typically puts out low-key covers.
"One of the reasons is our new neighbor is hot," Mr. Graff says. "We wanted a change of pace. We wanted to do something a little fun, a little tongue in cheek, because there's never been a more exciting time in Washington."
One can only wonder if The Washingtonian would've put a shirtless pic of a Republican president on the cover if that President had a bod like Obama's.