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"I would like to declare unequivocally, that 2008 sucked."

That was Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center, reflecting on the past year's media coverage, and the past year's politics, and the past year's conservative accomplishments, and....pretty much everything else in 2008. Apparently, everything has sucked, for a while, and last night was the time to get it out - at his organization's annual DisHonors Awards, a banquet dedicated to roasting the most outrageously biased liberal reporting. This event is always a little long-winded, but hilarious - chock full of examples of egregious reporting on camera and in print. Chris Matthews won the Obamagasm award, for which there were "11,000 entries," with his "thrill up my leg" comment about our dear leader:

I managed to snap a shot of the handsome Aaron Schock, (R-Ill):


And former Gov. George Allen, with his wife Susan Brown:


Then there was the austere G. Gordon Liddy:


And yours truly:


The highlight of the night were the jokes, which I thought were a tad raunchy, but very funny. Bozell, on the coverage of the Presidential race: "Messiahs shouldn't need teleprompters, and reporters shouldn't need knee pads." Monica Crowley: "Obama is the ultimate self-stimulus package." And of course, the outrageous videos are all a hoot - you should check them out at Eyeblast.tv.

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