FiveThirtyEight's Mother's Day Tweet Isn't Polling Well

Posted: May 14, 2017 1:59 PM

Saturday night, FiveThirtyEight tweeted a graphic showing the difference in the number of minutes moms and dads spend performing parenting tasks daily. It's not surprising that moms invest more minutes a day in parenting, but what surprised Twitter users was the characterization of that time.


I have never heard a mother characterize time with her children as "wasted" time. Perhaps the use of that term was a joke by a social media intern trying to drum up weekend traffic? Nope. The tweet is the headline of the article, written by a woman, and the conclusion uses "wasted" as well:

All in all, your mom wasted a pretty big part of her average day on you: 90 minutes and 6.1 seconds to be precise.

FiveThirtyEight botched that title in a big way (just like their 2016 presidential election prediction).

Not only were people taken aback by the use of "wasted" - they believe the 90 minute number is a very low estimate. The hundreds of replies to the tweet almost universally took FiveThirtyEight to task.

Many quickly substituted "invested" for wasted."

Some saw it as an extension of the way liberals view "choice."

Because many feminists don't value a woman's choice to stay home and invest years in raising children.

But hey, that investment can really pay off.

I couldn't let it go without bragging about my kids. My oldest: 


And the one I waited years for.

The hours I've spent over the past 23 years raising them (four more years to go) haven't always been filled with joy. There have been hours filled with worry, heartache and exhaustion in there too. Then comes the reward - the moments (the small ones you learn to recognize and savor after years of investing) where you look at your children and are filled with gratitude and humbled by the opportunity you've been given to mother them and play a small part in molding the future.

 Happy Mother's Day!