Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants You To Stop Whining About Trump

Posted: Dec 15, 2016 3:00 PM

Former GOP governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke with Matt Lauer of “Today” about his upcoming job as host of “Celebrity Apprentice.” He will be taking over Trump’s role as he gears to run the White House.

The famous actor carries an interesting point of view on the subject. Schwarzenegger has been a Republican since he arrived to America from his home country of Austria. He was taken away with Richard Nixon’s debate in the 60’s about getting government out of the way and reducing regulations. Despite his longtime Republican affiliation, he stated in October that he could not vote for Donald Trump.

However, Schwarzenegger says that Trump has been elected and it’s time to get behind our next president. He is excited for the president-elect and is wishing for all his success.

He’s telling Trump haters to do the same.