Low-wage Workers to Protest Trump in 340 Cities

Posted: Nov 22, 2016 12:00 PM

The organizers of the “Fight for $15” movement are galvanizing low-wage employees across the country to go on a massive strike the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Activists behind the planned demonstration are promising the “largest, most disruptive protest ever” as they target 340 different cities.

The main goal is to push for higher wages, namely a $15 an hour wage, across the board, which would be more than double what the current federal minimum wage is. It does appear their protest has a dual message, as well. Despite focusing on higher wages, activists plan to use the demonstration as a protest against Trump’s election victory. They feel they lost their chance after Hillary Clinton, who was supportive of higher pay, lost the election.

“Just because the election went a certain way, doesn’t mean we’re going away. It’s the exact opposite,” said organizing director of the Fight for $15, Kendall Fells.

Airports will be heavily hit next Tuesday, as protests are planned at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, Newark International airport, and 20 other airport locations. McDonald’s employees across the country are also taking part.

The protesters can scream and walk out on their jobs all they want. They have that right. However, Trump will still be their president come January.

Their diatribes against the president-elect may be falling on fewer and fewer ears. Trump is currently surging in post-election polling, climbing 9 points in the two weeks following Election Day.