Mexican Government Bracing for Trump’s Deportations

Posted: Nov 16, 2016 8:00 AM

Apparently the Mexican government was paying close attention to president-elect Trump’s interview with 60 Minutes.

Trump made clear to CBS’s Lesley Stahl Sunday night that his first priority (before building a wall and dealing with undocumented individuals who otherwise do not have a rap sheet) will be to deport illegals who have criminal records. Trump said the number of people who fit this bill could be 2 to 3 million.

A spokesman for the Mexican government, Eduardo Sánchez, responded on Monday.

“We will have to see how many of those deportations, usually done by the United States government to the countries where the illegal immigrants are from, are for Mexico," Eduardo Sánchez said. "Of course this and other matters will be part of the agenda that Mexico brings to the table during the bilateral meetings that will take place with the government of President-elect Donald Trump,” Sánchez added.

The Mexican ambassador to the United States, Carlos Sada, also commented on the Mexican government’s plan to deal with a possible influx of immigrants back into their country. According to Sada, their government has “protection mechanisms” in place for Mexican illegals in America - a suggestion that they may object to a mass deportation procedure.

It’s not clear how exactly their government will respond to such a move by the Trump administration, but they are taking Trump’s statements very seriously. President Nieto stated that he and president-elect Trump will hold many discussions moving forward and deportation will be a major topic.

Marcela Celorio, Mexico’s consul general in San Diego, said Tuesday that Mexico will do anything to protect Mexican immigrants’ “human rights” and also... their prepared to take them back.