Liberal Billionaires Meeting to Understand Why Their Donations Basically Did Nothing

Posted: Nov 14, 2016 3:30 PM

Donald Trump’s victory over Clinton isn’t just impressive because it showcased a skeletal campaign outfit defeating a team that outsized it in terms of experience and infrastructure. What is truly jaw-dropping is how a campaign operation such as Trump’s overcame the odds against a rival organization that out-fundraised it by shocking proportions.

How much did Hillary Clinton actually raise during this campaign? Her campaign raked in just shy of 498 million dollars. However, other outside outfits such as her Super PAC (Priorities USA ACTION) and other aligned groups raised a little over $189 million. A huge sum when put together. Priorities USA raised more money than any Super PAC ever – the vast majority of the cash raised came from seven figure donations.

Donald Trump was not only up against an operation that executed impeccable fundraising prowess. He also lacked the resources to fundraise within the same ballpark. Trump’s team only raised $247 million. He took in $380 million less than the Democratic nominee. His 2016 war chest came nowhere close to Romney’s $450 million haul – a candidate who ran for president four years ago.

This disparity in fundraising trickled down to campaign expenditures. Altogether, Trump spent about five dollars for each vote. Clinton spent about $10.

The point being is that Trump did more with less. Clinton paid twice as much for her voters and still came short in the Electoral College. Trump lost the money war but still ended Election Day victorious.

Why did liberal mega-donors get such a terrible return on investment with their candidate? They are meeting to understand why and how to not repeat their same mistakes.

Rich liberals across the country (George Soros included) are meeting for a three-day, private conference in Washington to discuss strategy moving forward. Union leaders, liberal billionaires, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison are some of the bigwigs attending. The event is hosted by the Democracy Alliance donor club. An outline of their schedule was obtained by POLITICO.

The topic of discussion will be how best to utilize their political donations moving forward. The focus will not just be on the next national election, but how to be more successful in races at the local and state level – an area Democrats have performed terribly in.

George Soros and others in the group believe the best way to halt Trump’s agenda and protect Obamacare is to win more state legislatures and gubernatorial seats. Rep. Keith Ellison (D) is a part of the talks and is pushing the group to engage working class voters – the voting block that went in droves for Trump.

Ellison, Congress’ first Muslim representative, is also being positioned as the strongest in line to become the DNC chairman. If he succeeds Donna Brazile, it will be a sharp left turn for an already far-left Democratic Party. He's been in talks with Party leaders and their wealthy donors.

Despite their losses, be prepared for the liberal elite to keep spending millions to promote their progressive agenda on the country. They should keep in mind, however, that Trump has proven himself knowledgeable on how to use his own resources much more efficiently.