Ray LaHood, Distracting Other Drivers

Posted: Mar 02, 2012 10:33 AM


If you drive in the DC/Northern Virginia area, you had better not talk on your cell phone while doing it. You may find yourself being tailed by our Transportation Secretary. Ray LaHood recently told local DC radio station WTOP that he likes to drive around DC on the weekends and honk at distracted drivers.


WASHINGTON - Drivers who talk or text on their cellphones may hear from the Secretary of Transportation in a very personal way.

"I drive around on the weekends in Washington," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood tells WTOP about his informal road patrols.

When he sees what he describes as "my biggest source of irritation" -- somebody on a cellphone, LaHood takes action.

"What I've been doing is kind of honking at somebody if I see him on a cellphone."

LaHood says it's his way of "taking personal responsibility" to reduce driver distractions.

I suspect that being honked at by a total stranger probably compounds any distraction incurred by being on a phone, but maybe that's just me.