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Knowing how bad things have gotten with the IRS, the GOP is looking to protect taxpayers from IRS abuse. House Republicans are planning to pass several bills aimed at protecting American taxpayers while also moving legislation that would force the government to reveal more clearly how taxpayer money is spent.

After Republicans found out about the IRS improperly targeting conservative groups applying for tax exempt status, it seems like this is the next logical step.

Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois wrote two of the bills that will be coming up for votes. He said,

"Practically every day, there's news of a new scandal at the IRS, and unfortunately it seems the administration is incapable of getting the IRS under control and restoring faith in the agency," Roskam said last year when he proposed the legislation. "The targeting of individuals by the IRS based on their political and social beliefs cuts to the core of American's trust in government, and it's time to institute reforms in order to protect taxpayers from further abuse."

One of the most interesting bills (and also one of the best) is the Taxpayer Transparency and Efficient Audit Act would require the IRS to tell taxpayers when they share their tax information with another government agency. It would also limit the time of an audit to one year.

With more transparency the IRS can perhaps win back the trust of the public. With many worried about where their money is going and how their personal information is being used, this could be one giant step for the IRS, thanks to this GOP bill.

In essence these bills are working to make sure the American people know what their tax funds are going to. I can’t really think of a reason why anyone wouldn’t like these ideas. Isn’t there some saying about you shouldn’t be scared unless you have something to hide? Well, here’s the democrats’ chance to prove they have nothing to hide.

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