Nevada Senate Race Controlled by Negative Advertising

Posted: Oct 31, 2012 11:40 AM

With less than a week left until the election, it looks like the Nevada senate race is showing a clear front runner. Within the last week 3 new polls have been released, all showing Dean Heller, the Republican, up by at least 3 points if not upward of 6 points. The most recent poll showing Heller up by 6 points, it looks like we may have a Republican victory.

Since the last update on this election, the number of ads has really taken off. The two candidates have attack ads accusing their opponent of evil work. Heller has been charged with wanting tax payers to subsidize oil companies and wanting to outsource jobs. On the other hand, Berkley has been accused of flipping foreclosed homes for profit and using her position in Congress to benefit her husband. Not only are the candidates being attacked, but the ads themselves are. Independent organizations have now put out advertisements telling voters not to believe the other ads.

With this being such an important election in terms of control of the Senate, it is no surprise to see national groups getting extremely involved. Outside groups like super PACs and unions have already spent over $20 million, which is more than the actual campaigns have spent.

Additionally, the state of Nevada has been getting a lot of attention at the national level. Both President Obama and Governor Romney are making a big push for voter turnout. This state has a history of voting independently and splitting the ticket. Shelley Berkley has noted that she believes if the President can bring out big numbers, she can then benefit from that. But based on their past, Nevadans don’t always vote straight down party lines.

The sitting Senator, Heller is now defending his seat against Representative Shelley Berkley. The two candidates have now finished duking it out in their debates, and it is time to look at bringing voters to the polls. In a state of only 1.2 million voters, many believe turnout will be most important in deciding the election. Early voting began on October 20th and it looks like so far the Democrats are showing a larger turnout. However, the number of people voting early this year is much lower than that of people who went to the polls early in 2008.

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Bronson Stocking

Now that there are only 6 days until Election Day, it’s time to really look at the possibility of Heller keeping his seat, but also the option of Shelley Berkley unseating him. As the constant stream of ads shows no sign of slowing, it will be a tight race for the Nevada senate seat.

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