Romney 47% Obama 44%

Posted: Sep 01, 2012 6:18 PM

Following last week’s GOP Convention, Mitt Romney has seen a bump in his polling numbers. Just one day after the convention ended, Rasmussen found that Governor Romney now leads President Obama. Romney now garners 47% of the vote compared to Obama’s 44%. This is an expected modest bounce, but there could be an even larger bounce because of much of this data was collected before Romney’s speech on Thursday night.

These numbers are quite an improvement compared to where Mr. Romney was before the convention started. On Monday Romney stood two points behind President Obama. Although this is a great improvement for the governor, it is likely that the President will see a jump in numbers following next week’s Democratic Convention.

It is important to note how different conventions are nowadays. 50 years ago conventions were still about actually electing the nominee. Now we know who the nominee will be long before the convention begins and the convention is more of a time to remind Americans of the important issues facing the nation, confirm the party platform, and convince people to support your side. This has affected how polls vary directly following the conventions.

We can also expect to see a strange reaction in the numbers next week due to the jobs report that will be out on Friday. If the unemployment rate does not change for the better, it is very possible that President Obama will not see the large bounce in numbers that he hopes to see.