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Jason Aldean 'Controversy:' His Song Is Anti-Lawlessness Protest Art


A few thoughts on the update to the story Julio has been covering -- and it's not a surprising one. After race obsessives piled on country music star Jason Aldean over his anti-crime, anti-rioting song, bullying Country Music Television into pulling the music video off the air, interest in the song has spiked. 

By one significant measure, it's now sailing up the charts:

"Conservatives are consistently moving markets more than any time I can remember," marvels Josh Holmes, likely in a reference to recent cultural flashpoints involving Bud Light, Target, 'The Sound of Freedom,' and now this.  Critics say Aldean is promoting racism, lynching and vigilantism in 'Try That In A Small Town.'  You be the judge:


In case you missed it, the singer responded to the attacks on social media, totally rejecting the basis of the criticism:

The cancellation brigade claims that the video must be infused with pro-lynching imagery and meaning because the location where it was shot witnessed a lynch mob murder nearly a century ago.  As I noted on Special Report, Aldean's song is protest art -- in favor of police, and against lawlessness.  Lynching is a particularly vile form of lawlessness: 

To twist pro-cop, anti-lawlessness expression into a 'problematic' form of racism is to associate anti-police sentiment and lawlessness with race.  Which is racist.  I'll leave you with another L for the race obsessives, who tried and failed to turn a lovely American music story into a tale of racism and bigotry.  It turns out the queer woman of color 'victim' is delighted by what's happened:



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