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Watch: Team Townhall Blasts Biden's Budget

Screenshot via Fox News

Katie Pavlich and I had the pleasure of appearing jointly on a special edition of Larry Kudlow's Fox Business Network program on Thursday, which originated from the US Capitol building. The show featured Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Majority Leader Steve Scalise, in addition to a cavalcade of other in-person guests, ourselves included. Our segment came on the heels of President Biden's partisan speech in Philadelphia, outlining his destructive and delusional budget proposal -- which, fortunately, has a zero percent chance of becoming law, thanks to the new GOP House majority. But it serves as a blueprint for how Democrats plan to fight on economic issues heading into 2024, and a preview of what they might try to do if they are able to recapture a governing trifecta. 

It's anti-growth, incoherent, dishonest, tax-and-spend class warfare, all the way down. Biden has been doing an Elizabeth Warren impression ever since he got elected, and that approach only escalated this week. Here are a few nuggets of analysis I offered on Kudlow: 

And here is the full segment, including Katie's insights.  The Wall Street Journal editorial board teed off earlier today:

The press is reporting that President Biden’s 2024 budget proposal released Thursday would cut the deficit by $3 trillion over 10 years. Way to bury the lead. The plan raises taxes by nearly $4.7 trillion and would increase revenue and spending to unprecedented plateaus as a share of the economy. The President’s $6.89 trillion proposal is a political document that sets up his re-election campaign. Its spending and tax proposals were rejected in the last Congress under Democratic majorities and have no chance of passing with a GOP House. But the budget shows where Mr. Biden wants to take the country if he wins a second term. Bernie Sanders would be pleased... spending would climb to 25.2% of GDP, compared to a 50-year average of 21%. That’s owing to rising interest costs on federal debt and Mr. Biden’s proposals for a cavalcade of entitlements such as universal pre-K, child care, paid family leave, and housing. Even with all the taxes, deficits over the next decade would total $17 trillion, and debt held by the public as a share of GDP would rise to 109.8% in 2033 from 97% last year. Mr. Biden’s budget is a recipe for an economically and militarily (see nearby) weaker America, but at least he’s warning voters of his intentions—unlike in 2020.

Yes, Joe 'Safe, Known, Healing Moderate' Biden is a long dead political fiction.  Click through for a breakdown of all the harmful tax hikes and budgetary sleight of hand the president and his team have proposed.  In an interview on my radio show today, Scalise told me every single Republican in Congress will oppose Biden's budget, and the House GOP plans to bring it up for a vote on the House floor and see how Democrats respond.  Scalise and McCarthy are also touting their majority's first major bill, which would expand US energy independence.  I'll leave you with this -- gee, I wonder who he wants to run against?


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