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Sick: Palestinians Enjoy Fireworks, Candy to Celebrate Cold-Blooded Murder of Jews at Israeli Synagogue


On Friday night, a Palestinian terrorist shot seven people to death outside a synagogue in Jerusalem.  This was the cold-blooded murder of innocents, at the start of the Jewish sabbath.  The victims ranged in age from 14 to 68.  "The killings, in a Jewish area of the city, were the latest escalation of a particularly violent cycle in the region, where the situation — never calm — began to worsen last spring with a wave of lone Palestinian attacks on Israelis," the New York Times reports.  The next day, a 13-year-old Palestinian terrorist, a child, shot and wounded two people outside a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem.  The Friday night attacker was killed; the Saturday morning attacker was wounded.  The demented reaction among man Palestinians was widespread jubilation:


Some people endlessly demand that the world's lone and tiny Jewish state make massive concessions -- many of which have been repeatedly rejected in the past -- to bigoted Palestinians, who openly celebrate death, demand the annihilation of Israel, and even send their children to kill Jews.  One side of this conflict bends over backwards to avoid civilian casualties, despite their opponents' efforts to guarantee civilian casualties, and seeks peaceful coexistence.  The other side of the conflict is dominated by those who revel in innocent deaths and reject peace at every turn, insisting that Israel be driven into the sea.  One side is morally righteous, broadly speaking; the other is morally depraved.  There are always subtleties, and neither side is blameless, but the overall moral scoreboard is not even close.  Many of those who make preposterous demands of Israel often find ways to blame Jews for the violent attacks against them.  In this recent bloodbath, the Palestinians are said to be engaging in "reprisals" for a deadly raid by the Israeli military last week in the West Bank, which killed nine.  Tit-for-tat?  Hardly.  The terrorists indiscriminately murdered innocent Jewish civilians.  By contrast, Israel's operation in Jenin specifically targeted a leading terrorist responsible for multiple bloody attacks:

A gun battle between the Israeli troops and armed Palestinians broke out during the military raid, the Israeli Army and a local armed Palestinian group said. The Israeli military said it had responded with live rounds after coming under fire during the raid, which it said was aimed at apprehending members of the Islamic Jihad group who were involved in planning and executing multiple attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians...At least 20 people were injured by gunfire or tear gas inhalation on Thursday, with four in critical condition, the Palestinian health ministry said. The ministry and the Palestinian Red Crescent accused Israeli troops of storming the Jenin government hospital and firing tear gas inside the pediatric ward, but Israel denied those accusations...The Israeli military said it had killed three people, including two “armed suspects” who were fleeing and added that it was looking into reports of additional casualties. Islamic Jihad is designated a terrorist organization by the United States and Israel. 

It's important to remember that Palestinians lie aggressively to make themselves look like victims. It's equally important to remember, in light of the denied accusation that Israeli troops filled the pediatric ward of a hospital with tear gas, that Palestinian terrorists routinely operate out of schools, mosques, and hospitals.  They've done so for years.  They get caught red-handed, and sometimes even admit it.  They use innocent Palestinians, whose lives they view as totally expendable (they often accidentally kill their own people with errant rocket launches intended to murder Jews), as human shields, knowing that any collateral damage by the Israelis can be exploited for propaganda purposes.  This is how the cynical and ham-fisted propaganda game works:


Congresswoman Tlaib is an established anti-Semite, and her actions, lies, and associations make it difficult to see her as something other than a terrorist sympathizer.  In the tweet highlight above, she repeats the bogus "apartheid" slander (which has even been rejected by some harsh Israel critics) and refers to Israel's security operation as a "massacre," suggesting that those killed were innocent.  She "honors" these terrorists, pictured above.  It's in her own tweet.  Tlaib tweets obsessively about Israel, but her very active feed offered zero condemnation of the murder of innocent Jews committed by Palestinian terrorists.  The closest thing to a criticism was a vague lamentation about too many families -- "both Palestinian and Israeli" -- grieving loved ones.  When anti-Semitism rears its ugly head, and Israeli Jews are slaughtered, members of the Squad can be counted on to serve up morally-repugnant "All Lives Matter"-style equivalencies, which they angrily reject in other contexts.  And when they're called out on it, they play the victim card, insisting that criticisms put their lives in danger.  These people are not subtle in their rank, appalling, inhumane bigotries:


An anti-Semitic, anti-Israel fanatic at the United Nations?  You don't say.  Tlaib's fellow anti-Semitic Squadster spent the weekend pleading ignorance about her problematic tropes:

She claims she just didn't know.  That would be very difficult to believe, especially on the latter one, in the first place.  It's impossible to believe in light of revelations from Jewish members of her community in Minnesota who say they went out of their way to meet with her on these matters.  The tropes continued.  One can easily imagine Tlaib, Omar, and their ilk nodding along with this astonishing op/ed published by a liberal newspaper a few days ago:

Stop hogging all the attention and sympathy, Jews.  That's not even a terribly unfair summary of this embarrassing dreck.  The authors offered a whole list of 'whatabouts' in their dreadful piece: "For one claim that the hate and violence towards them is more important than another’s, only encourages more acts of violence against others, including Black people, Asians, Hispanics, Muslims, LGBTQ+, trans-gender and Native Americans. This list is not all-inclusive."  Yes, they actually "All Atrocities Matter'd" the Holocaust.  On Holocaust Remembrance Day.  In case you're curious, the five authors are left-wing activists and Democratic politicians.  I'll leave you with what appears to be another Israeli military operation against a virulently anti-Semitic and anti-American terrorist organization, the Iranian regime:


The Iranians are claiming the attacks were unsuccessful, resulting only in minor damage.  I wonder if they might be lying:

Degrading Iran's military machine has the added benefits of making it harder for Palestinian terrorists to be fed weapons by the regime -- and it makes Russia's war effort even harder in Ukraine.  A win-win, courtesy (reportedly) of the Israeli government.  One last reminder: Some of the usual suspects who push for sanctions and boycotts against Israel's pluralistic democracy simultaneously oppose sanctions against Iran's murderous regime, the long-standing leading state sponsor of terrorism on earth. People who demonstrate such a warped moral compass should not be taken seriously on any issue.  They've revealed their judgment and character to be irreparably broken. 


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