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The Great Gas(Stove)lighting

We've reached the inevitable portion of the creepy 'ban gas stoves' trial balloon firestorm in which lefties -- including much of the media -- insist that this is all a weird fever dream of right-wingers.  It's the familiar two-step: The thing conservatives noticed is actually not happening.  But if and when it is happening, it's actually good.  This happens to be gaslighting involving literal gas.  

Incredible stuff, all from the same newspaper, published over the span of a few short days this week:

It's not happening, and these weird Republicans are 'thrusting' a made-up culture war, and here's why regulators suggested doing the made-up thing, and it actually may be important for public health to do the made-up, thrusted culture war thing.  Got it?  Nate Hochman's thread demonstrates how progressives are trying to pretend conservatives are crazy paranoiacs for noticing and objecting to something quite a few progressives have proposed and endorsed.  Out loud:

The 'culture war' memo clearly went out -- based on this wild framing that conservatives are somehow the aggressors here.  And yet, here's a new piece in the New York Times just today:

The 'non-existent, but also vital' pattern seems familiar, doesn't it?

I'll leave you with an MSNBC host musing that right-wing practitioners of this 'culture war' don't really mean it.  It's a bit he says. But oh by the way, gas stoves "gotta go:"

Not sure I disagree with this assessment:

Please go with this sort of sneering, lefties:


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