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No matter how queasy the Republican Party makes me from time to time -- and they too often descend into a dysfunctional, illiberal mess -- Democrats frequently remind me why I can never, ever support them -- at least as their party is currently constituted.  I've written a lot about abortion over the last calendar year, for obvious reasons, and I always try to be respectful of pro-choice people who hold different views on certain difficult questions surrounding the issue.  There's a distinction between the traditional pro-choice 'safe, legal, and rare with certain limitations' viewpoint held by many Americans, and the ghoulish pro-abortion sickness dominant among elected federal Democrats.  They serve poll-tested sound bytes about Roe v. Wade, distorting what Roe actually did, then propose to "codify" it with stomach-turning and radical legislation that goes far beyond the overturned precedent's contours.  


It's nearly impossible to get any national Democrats to name a single acceptable limitation on abortion whatsoever, even though the American people broadly support quite a few.  I'm not talking about getting Democrats to come out in favor of 'heartbeat' bills, which restrict most abortions after six weeks (though all the governors who've signed such laws were just re-elected, often by large margins).  I'm asking them to endorse literally anything short of limitless, taxpayer-financed abortion-on-demand, for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy.  Admittedly, this may sound extreme, but I'm starting to wonder how many Congressional Democrats might vote against a blanket ban on any form of forced abortion at this stage.  That may seem preposterous on its face, but it's unclear where national Democrats could bring themselves to draw any line at all on their abortion fanaticism.  Yesterday, House Democratic women dressed in white -- a strange choice, given the nature of their crusade -- to support 'reproductive freedom' and access to abortion "care:"

This entire group went on to vote unanimously against a bill that would require medical care for actual living infants who are accidentally born during late-term abortions.  This happens.  Horror stories have emerged for years out of abortion mills involving these children being discarded and left to die alone.  It is nothing short of horrific and inhumane.  One House Democrat voted in favor of these protections.  Another voted 'present.'  Both were from Texas.  All the rest voted no -- 210 of them in tota;.  Here's part of their tortured rationale, trying to defend their indefensible, infanticidal position:


It's incoherent because no coherent, morally-compelling reason exists to vote the way they did, en masse.  I don't know what to call this other than a grotesque, tribal pro-abortion psychosis.  Imagine making the affirmative decision to stand next to this image while arguing for an absolute right to dismember the black child depicted:

The infanticide measure wasn't the only appalling vote nearly every House Democrat cast yesterday.  All but three refused to support a resolution condemning the recent epidemic of domestic terrorism attacks against pro-life groups and centers.  When Nancy Pelosi refused to say one word against such violence, criminal activity and intimidation last year, she wasn't an outlier.  She was speaking for the overwhelming bulk of her pro-abortion, pro-terrorism members.  A common talking point deployed against this item was that it didn't also condemn violence against abortion providers.  Why won't conservatives condemn that?  Okay, here you go: I strongly condemn it, period, end of story.  Your turn.  This 'both sides' evasion reminds me of House Democrats' unwillingness to condemn anti-Semitism a few years back -- unless, that is, other forms of bigotry were simultaneously condemned.  They won't disavow violence and bigotry unless they can also make a political point about something else in the process.  Thus, an anti-anti-Semitism resolution was re-written, and an anti-domestic terrorism resolution was opposed.  Repugnant.  Nikki Haley is righteously disgusted by the whole macabre spectacle:


I'll leave you with this:

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